Friday, May 8, 2020


With every new iteration
of the world that gets created
I'm starting to worry

we might
keep getting placed slightly
farther apart.

A few more of these
universe branches
(following some close-call decision
about to eat for lunch or something)

and I may not even be able
to leave you
with advice—like:

don't be too eager for love,
but don't take
what comes, either.

Try to speak your mind, but
never say I'm sorry
when you're trying to be polite.

And when the ones who
are in charge start
to spurn you—only to turn around
and ask for your support;

when they try to remind you
you're dust 
and to dust you shall return,

try not to look
directly in their faces
when you laugh;

be a little graceful
and just say thank you 
before you turn
and walk away.