Monday, June 30, 2014


So what?—if the sun
is pinned rosy 
high and enormous

in the bright vivid  
flush of sky-
blue up above us—or if

instead—the next
day we wake up to find 
its ebullient 

and dwarfish
pathetic light vanished—

or at least 
lost in thick clots of 

In real life
the sun—the actual

that sheer
fierce spinning disc of a thing—

is just not the same—
as our idea 
of what it means

for a thing
to become once—and then keep-
on becoming!

the sun
that we've come
to depend on daily.

And what I mean
is precisely 
that it's almost impossible 

to notice 
such actual sameness!
without at least resorting

to calling—the fact 
of that
single great 

star's unwavering 
presence in our neighborhood—
a pattern.