Wednesday, July 3, 2013


So what if he's feeling 
a little 
revolting this morning—

so what—of those rough 
teeth, shaggy 
eyes, long 
cheeks—of his crumpled

neck, back, grace-
less shoulders slumped- 
up inside somebody 
else's old cardigan?

Is he not entitled?—are we all 
not just a little
bit sickening all of the time?

So what if he was just
up all night puking straight
coconut fat and black-
berry seeds?—here he is 

at work today pissing- 
time laughing—oh
can you not see 
the fecundity—rotting to life inside 
this breed of foulness?

Can you not agree?—some kinds
of disease

simply cure one's need
for medicine—