Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Many feel called 
to their families 
or occupations, 

but it's precious 
few, who, bereft 
of all certitude, 

will accept the fullest 

of leaving their home 
in the middle 
of a storm 

and wandering into 
a wide open field 
in search of their salvation. 

And it's there, 
amid the white- 
noise-hiss of rain 

and the terrible maw 
of a violent sky, 

that these precious few 
may find themselves 
compelled to count the seconds

between the quick 
and dead-silent forked 
tongue of lightning 

and thunder's 
booming rejoinder—
as if 

growing, by increments, 
closer to an answer

by getting farther away 
from their need
for explanations.