Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Just then, when you notice 
your capricious mind 
has drifted 

from the loud, laborious  
task at hand 

to that sullen 
land where all 
is pointless,

it might help 
to think of some 
ponderous objects—

gas planets, for instance, 
and their dozen frozen moons;

mountain ranges, off 
in the distance; 

even, perhaps, the huge 
side-by-side fridge 

which buzzes like a
hive inside your 
fourteenth floor apartment—

you should try to see each one
as now effectually 

since, without a little 
practice, it might never 
cross your mind 

that every immutable 
thing which exists, 

at some point 
or another, first needed
to be lifted.