Thursday, July 7, 2022


In those moments 
when you just can't seem
to simmer down;

when you're rigid, too 
excited, or burning 
with anger;

it might be helpful to try
and imagine

that, once, you were 
a mighty glacier—

so huge 
as to border on vague 
and all-pervasive. 

You were the best 
at eating rocks 

and spitting back 
deep and enormous
lake basins,

and although the work 
was pain-
fully slow, 

you would never lose 
your temper; 

rather, you were the continent's
foremost expert 

at remaining abstract 
while dispassion 
took over.

And when your last task 
was finally done, 

you were only 
too glad 
to relax 

and gradually 
assume the new shape 
of your container.