Tuesday, June 28, 2022


In the beginning, 
as far as 
we know, everything 

was made 
of numbers:

little ones, like raindrops,
tumbled down 
in total darkness, 

and fell through 
the holes 

in older, fatter, 
slower numbers 

before landing 
on piles 
of the broken spines 

of the numbers 
that fell to the earth
a second earlier.

And over vast time, 
the steady pattern 
of their falling,

overlapping with 
the rhythm

of the piles 
that kept on rising

is exactly 
how the world came 
to be as it is:

a contradictory 

of falling down 
and vanishing;

a heavyweight thing 
that nevertheless shrinks 

and contracts
at the very same rate
that it's stacking; 

an untold, unfurling 
possibility space 

made of just so 
much nothing—

and nothing 
so extraordinary 

could ever be
less satisfying.