Wednesday, December 29, 2021


In the free market 

your favorite 
TV show envisions, 

our isolation
as a pre-existing condition;

talk jargon 

because intimacy 
is cheap and too quick-
ly dismissed,

and "numbing-out" 
is finally considered 
a good thing—

synonymous not 
with desensitization, 

but a healthy respect 
for the hard work 
of avarice. 


Maybe in reality, 
the rules 
of engagement 

by which 
we had governed our 
most successful wars

were not as fixed 
as we'd previously 
been assured;

rather, they existed
as a random pastiche 

of late night show monologues, 
Lenten confessionals, 

memorized stump speeches,
and Shakespearean soliloquies 

overhead, truncated,
scrutinized to pieces, 

then placed into a hat
to be taken out 
of context.