Monday, December 13, 2021


Just now, on a screen 
whose dimensions 
you can't believe,

whatever remained
of your narrative 
is dissolving.

Meaning well, 
you move to grab 
and hold yourself 

as a little kid—
but alas, the only way 
to touch him

is to catch him
doing the wrong thing.


never swerves 
from the center of the horizon.

Does this thought leave you
intrigued, or sick 
and distraught?

the next sound you hear 

may be the last; 
it may be 

addressed to you—
or perhaps 

it may not. 

The contact high 
is temporary;

soon we will have no recollection 
of these stars.
As if 

such faultless darkness 
were really the force 
of genius 

making its meaning heard
above the torrent 
of piss—as if 

having learned 
the word 
for inscrutable    

were the same 
as comprehending it.