Wednesday, January 20, 2021


bombs fall 

internet connections, 
we turn 

to computers 
and post "nothing at all 
is shocking." 

Yet the fact 
that we are able 

to understand
one another

but still sound 
like ourselves 

comes as no 
small wonder.


Which is harder? 
To spot 
the cliché

or explain 
away the jargon? 

They used to say 
a stitch in time—

like a spine—
goes unnoticed 

til the moment 
you pull one.

But eminent Psychologists 
of today 
have suggested 

that old shout 
of Archimedes'

was leveled 
in agony—not 
in epiphany. 


Hey there, mister moon. 
How soon is 

too soon, I wonder

to have ended 
up where you'd begun?