Monday, February 26, 2018


Blue or gray—each day, rise
and stretch
and meander

after coffee and
milk come together.
Do no do

what's new. Be
boring. Say

to onlookers
about this thing you've
been busy building.

Cherish the memorized lines
and the creases;
flirt with every

in these naive
bodily props of inspiration,

your divine-
ly oracular theory
of sets—there is

just so much there, and
believe it:
you've got nothing

but time.
Remember, you are not here
to abuse the numbers,

yet, discord—is the spark
from which
the pure bonfires

of new thought start,
by which
the smooth and the

cornerless light
of awareness increases.
You must only continue

to rise
and stretch
and meander,

no matter
where you're going;
you can advance

just by counting—forge ahead,
by walking there.