Friday, May 27, 2016


Staring hard at the cerulean sea,
you think

of how—
there must be so much going on underneath

these toppling wavecrests that you'll never see! 
So many colors 

which have no
allegiance whatever to blue, wild untamable 

flavors, brainless 
molecules, meticulously-wound strings

of pure protein; textures, smells, sensations 
all vibrating 

at temperatures 
much different than the one that your quivering 

skin is feeling. 
And so many creatures! Beautiful, benign, malevolent;

all combating, or else cooperating—all in unique 
patterns, every

second, combining 
and canceling as they move toward the 

to create these scant few impressions you're receiving.

So tell me the truth, how 
on earth

can it be? 
that—when gazing just as 

deeply into that smart little
silvery rectangle 

home in your bathroom—

that's never, 
ever what you think?