Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Must be something
like this—to rise 
shine and dress warm-
hearted and keep 
on bidding—hello again, there, 
some each day to your rundown habitat.

To say—another arcane 
morning, have we? Coolness, friendly 
fruit flies, spotty mirrors, fresh 
coffee cinders!—when 
Kanye West and FM classical 
start commingling 
in your barefoot mind like 

new math—
recondite, but not 
quite as
to figure out as those
red plums splayed out 
across the table; to still stay 
open enough 
to wonder—are these, maybe, half-
remembered half
notes on some Delphic 
staff? Or—
where-in-hell'd they
come from at all? All while you're 
busy sun-
saluting really
since, truly—

each new day is such—
a stretch.