Thursday, October 3, 2013


Riser, is your 
shine too dirty?—no
problem—here's a misty,
guileless morning.

Taster, intellectualize 
your hunger yet? If not, here's plenty 
of hot coffee while you 
think about that—

Merger, are you 
feeling blind-
spotted? Congratulations—you now
are this traffic.

Still, you say it's
started raining?—look up!
to a roof—and the sweet smell of wet 
woods ought to fix you.

But on top of that, okay, what's that? You say
today's your birthday? Rats! And
nothing's quite extra-
ordinary yet? Nonsense! Voila! Here's just 
a taste—
it's a little Funky Cold 
Medina—blasting at your gas station.