Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hard and Soft

Across the alley
the old pink furniture
men tread slowly
through asphalt 

meadows of off-
white washing 
machines old refriger-
ators broken automatic 
dish washers

tending just 
a little listless-
ly to any wounded 
aluminum buffing 
enamel still glistening  
with April rain carting
the pretty winners 
off to gruff-
motored trucks 
on thin 
red dollies

The eldest 
among them 
wear their saggy 
denim best 
glad to be vested 
in pliable nylon 
today and each 
clad in hope-
lessly camouflaged 
baseball caps—

which actually
distinguish their pre-
rogative astonish-
ingly well
against the alabaster

stacks of
coated sheetsteel