Monday, March 11, 2013

Breakfast Emptied Out

I thought I left
for work this morning
in one piece, but empty.

Ignoring hot hunger,
I just barreled on
through fog, past rust and wet rot.

But along the way,
the empty feeling 
had whole ideas of its own-

it turned itself
completely inside-out,
and spilled out all around me.

in sweat, I felt
that I was every car in traffic.

Salt and warm wet
eroded any former
thoughts I had of progress

as wills and cars all sloshed apart, 
evaporated, and just forgot  
what vapors ever formerly dreamed of hunger.


Sometime later, 
near some intended destination,
rain fell, indiscriminate and cold.

All it did was help things shine-
it was easy,
and things felt fine.