Wednesday, May 22, 2024


It would seem by the time 
we become who we are,

we will be old enough 
that we might 
be no one—or worse 

and more 
accurately: nothing 
much to anyone. 

There may finally be 
questions we are
old enough to answer, 

but the young 
will not yet know enough 
to ask them, or care.

There'll be proverbs 
we've finally had time 
enough to memorize, 

or antics we'll dispense 
like ladle-fulls of vinegar 
from the trusty but 
shriveled-up cask 
of experience, 

but the days will pass 
in silence, uninspired by 
our crimes. Yes, 

the very day we realize 
we have brought 
about life's goal, 

if we are lucky 
enough to be recognized 
at all, 

it'll be by the puzzling-
yet-illustrative way 

in which we've managed 
to ignore the admonitions 
of a lifetime 

for something which 
looks, from a distance, 
like a lifetime.