Tuesday, February 13, 2024


          Keep on the sunny side, 
          always on the sunny side
          keep on the sunny side of life.
          It will help us every day, 
          it will brighten up the way
          if we keep on the sunny side of life.
          —Carter Family

Doesn't matter
how spare 

or how dense 
the situation gets;

in either case, 
we're told 

to bear 
the stress

and make the 
most of it. 

Our agonies

from exquisite 
to intense—

our green pastures  
now consist 

of just a fraction 
of an inch—

and still 
we feel the pull 

to flex a smile 
and claim we're 

cool with it—
as though 

our acquiescence 
fed the wolf 

or paid the rent—
as though 

we earned 
our blessings 

just by saying we've 
been blessed.