Friday, November 10, 2023


Even with so much 
else to do, 

I still choose 
to walk around
in silence

and keep my eyes 
fixed on the 

And even if 
everything here
that I witness 

is an internal 
construct, that's not 
so bad; 

at worst, that just means 
that the whole thing's 

at best, 
that this city is 
entirely mine.

It's a solitary 
task and a
tall responsibility, 

but only an oyster 
can conjure a pearl. 

Each fleck
of thought is a first 
draft's first line;

so I touch one foot, 
then the next
to the earth, 

creating and abandoning 
possible worlds—

then colonize 
the realizable 
space with my mind, 

and watch 
as it organizes time.