Friday, June 18, 2021


It's the brain, 
locked away in silence
inside of its case, 

that causes the moon 
to appear 

on the horizon—

in order, perhaps, 
to make itself 
less conspicuous 

to silence's stare,

and its distance, 

and its dark.

It's the way, 
when a body stops

for more than 
one second, 

this slithery sense 
of permanence attaches—

the pit in your 
stomach, say; or 

a neutron star 
far away.


I feel so alone. 

Remind me again 
what kind of stuff 

we're all 
made of—

bone meal and 
table sugar,

or stardust 
and wave functions,

or diploid cells, 

and then cloned
and then