Thursday, January 16, 2020


     Everyone believes himself, a priori, perfectly 
     free... But a posteriorithrough experience, 
     he finds to his astonishment that he is not free, 
     but subjected to necessity, that in spite of all his 
     resolutions and reflections he does not change 
     his conduct, and that from the beginning of his 
     life to the end of it, he must carry out the very
     character which he himself condemns...


Good news—
you might think
in passive time

with the rhythm
of a drab lackadaisical

hammock swinging:

I have wasted my life. 

But you might
not have

chose to.
And that
thought might

have just changed it
from deep

in the center
on out—one vowel,

one lonely syllable
at a time.


This just in—
sexy new pictures

of the cosmic

background radiation

have proven
to the stunned providers:

the complete emptiness

you were feeling
is both

a complete system—
a sign unto itself—

no longer counts

as a pre-existing condition.