Monday, November 26, 2018


Listen: somewhere off the hall,
a cramped bathroom 
faucet seems to be mumbling, 

an angel-
white radiator is crawling 
in a heap in the corner, weeping softly, 

a brusque fridge compressor 
is taking a grand pause—before 
launching into the adjacent movement;

true, maybe that's not 
the movement you signed up for. 
But that's the one you

could afford. That's the sound 
of everyone around you 
making of their inner lives, a song.

And look: you too 
are doing it. 
In your case, of course

it's just a tiny little song,
most well suited 
to a tiny little room—

but at least
it's got lots of wonderful pictures
of wide-open spaces 

someone in your 
family must have visited once
on its tiny little walls.