Friday, January 19, 2018


Hair swept
up and
back in a
dizzying cloud,

breasts newly freed, now
swinging limply

apart overhead
in the mouth-
watering lowlight

that's draping the Egyptian
cotton-sheeted bed,

what happens next,

you'll take your time

spend your nights
cleaning, protecting, and sharpening—
for use
as a weapon 

against the frittered
away to flat-
lining remainder of your life.


Implausibly—no time
really feels like
the first time
you experienced this.

And the last time 
you do,
from some
bed you don't own,

it'll only make sense to you

that once
you did, and now 
don't, and soon 
won't—but still do
your best

to enjoy lying 
back and 
reenacting the sen-

of picturing yourself 
just how to
imagine having felt and acted

in that old dream-
purchased bed

from time
to time, when the

mood strikes, or else never
does again.