Thursday, February 2, 2017


The higher-ups
have started


for managing
to keep your prim
head on straight

and your eyes
on the prize
for this long,

though the truth is—
you haven't
done that.

Truth is, neither
the wide view
nor the close focus

does anything for you;
so to compensate,
you've been

overdosing on
the prosaic
for a while now.

The most exhilarating
way you know how,
is by getting

every day,
and then

walking around town
alone for a
little while to gaze,

not at divine arcing rainbows
or placid treelines
or ennobling architecture, but

at the mercifully coherent,
the completely
sufferable way

in which
the late morning
sunlight plays

off of basically
any edifice
that's rusticated—

not because there's anything
or significant going on there,

but because, oddly,
your central nervous
system feels stimulated enough to appreciate

that there's nothing difficult,
or elaborate,
or even remotely sentimental about it.