Monday, June 13, 2016


Ever notice—whenever you're
sure you've got 

something worth saving,
it's because you can sense that it

won't be sticking
around for much longer?

It's like trying to savor
a frosty, tall chocolate malt

without watching it
melt away into thick milk

on a soft, July night—
or the happy desperation,

of a big group of people
all singing along

to this summer's
biggest radio song

at an all-night party
on the back lawn;

when the lyrics
consist only

of the track's total run-time
counting down to zero,

sung one half-decibel
more quietly each second—

and the underlying chords contain
every single melody line

of a universe 
filled with vibrating strings,

each giving its own self-
centered, independent concert—

all stacked on top of one another,
and each one

just so-happening
to sound out simultaneously

once or twice—giving off
the very temporary

illusion—that none of this
is nonsense.