Monday, February 8, 2016


A filmmaker by temperament
more than by trade,
even as a kid—our Hero 

always feels that he knows
a whole lot more about the world
than he can ever—dare to remember.

To counteract 
this epic 
tragedy, as he grows

and becomes more confident 
in the inherent beauty, truth, 
solidity of objects, and so on,

gradually fine-tuning
all his grand 
theories of aesthetics to follow suit,

the guy decides—at last, to always view life
as through
a movie camera.

That is—indiscriminately recording 
anything and everything 
that should happen into his field of vision

and considering each 
an equal and individual-
ly important part of his colossal worldview;

of course, as a result—he never once considers
(not even for a split 

in his valiant and thereafter 
life-long commitment
to this pretty herculean attempt at indiscretion,

one single
tiny little infinitesimal speck of a thing!

which is, out of sheer necessity, 
being—so epically