Thursday, March 20, 2014


Come on now 
pale slit
of fugitive sun—what's say you and I

first take a deep
breath to widen-
out—make the leap

and both 
emphaticallycome-out together;

no longer cloaked 
simply—in our crescent intent 
to litter 

the landscape
(which seems now—I know
to be sloping 

up everywhere 
toward us)

with polite
sorts of that sanguine 
and glittering kind 

of recondite
indirect candor—
we've each

in the past 
been so criminally-
well-known for;

let's declare together
with a clear 
bit more transparency today

our honest intentions 
to start openly
wringing—however violently 

a couple measly drops 
of this—immeasurable spring 
waterrighteously out

from these frozen
and erstwhile-domineering 

old structures—
as they hemorrhage
obliquely away.