Monday, September 30, 2013


Hanging over what is 
now a pastured
pile of highway rubble—busted- 
up chalkdusty con-
crete slabs and 
pieces jammed out at all angles—a horse-

powered pack of unreal
cranes dangling masonry
is not just fixing-
on building 
a steep offramp to some-
where—it's furious-
ly demolishing 

the tall fictions
that hereto-
fore existed
fully down 
in the 
thin and big 
pages of an idyll-
ic blueprint somewhere.

Meanwhile—on the other
side of the 
chaos—caucused horses 
grounded in clover swish calm 
and wonder—
what's any of this
dust got to do with

wild oats alfalfa grass straw hay or heck maybe 
even dangling— 
carrots for extra motivation.