Thursday, January 24, 2013

Winter Walk #7 (Unpersuaded)

and obtuse,
i step redundantly 
through the vague morning,
reaching past the dull strain of lingering sleep
to wonder dimly
which of the following i am most like:

that snowy pond,
a silent, unpolished mirror,
keeping nothing, giving nothing back?

or this empty bench,
a ceaseless proposal,
always so-inclined?

or a proud battalion of flag poles,
unpersuaded by the wind?

but then i grasp
that i can choose
which makes me all
or makes me none

i'm not so unreflective,
and i could never be so constant

i am happily irrational,
intensely free to change my direction

maybe, then
just a few dark birds;
pointless arrows
colonizing power lines